Cooked milky venison sausage

"Cooked milky venison sausage" is a true masterpiece, the production process of which requires not only the highest quality ingredients, but also careful handcraft. It is a product for the ones who seek for quality and exceptional, natural and non-traditional flavour. After all, biological and taste qualities of venison are one of the best in the entire scope of meat products.

The technologists of the company were trying to responsibly improve the quality of this product and therefore used only especially carefully selected raw materials and spices which give the product a pleasant aroma and an especially delicate taste. Natural alder smoke not only gives the product a solid amber colour, but also a subtle, pleasant and exquisite taste.

Even the most sophisticated housewife, who carefully selects products for her guest table, will love this product and give it not only for adults, but children as well.